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Areas of expertise​

Receivables management

Receivables management


Due to the loosening of payment discipline, the timely settlement of overdue invoices is a serious problem for more and more business partners: receivables are often not paid or are solely paid with significant delays.

If the client’s own steps towards the debtor have been unsuccessful, the client may want to seek the assistance of an attorney in connection with the recovery of his/her debts. Our office effectively represents the interests of creditors and provides a complex service in the field of debt management for both businesses and individuals, however, we further assist debtors in bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings in order to resolve disputes with creditors as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible. In the field of receivables management, our goal is to ensure the efficient management of our clients, to reduce their receivables and debts, and, if possible, to eliminate them.

Our office services in the field of receivables management are the following:

Cooperation process

quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively


During the personal consultation, we review the situation of the creditor and debtor, give legal advice, determine the remuneration and agree on the next steps. In case of a commission, the first consultation is always free!

Background work​

We send notices, start the appropriate legal procedures – such as payment order or liquidation –, besides we get in touch with the debtor, creditors, or other attorneys.


Even from the beginning of the case, we represent our clients from the beginning of the litigation or non-litigation processes.