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Labour law
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Labour law


Labour law will sooner or later become an unavoidable part of every person’s life: some will be involved in the world of work as employers and others as employees. On either side, in the period from the creation of an employment relationship to its termination, special attention shall be paid to ensuring that both the rights and obligations of the parties are effectively enforced, since in a company, in addition to employing the right colleagues, a stable labour law foundation could also be key to a successful business, employee satisfaction, and thus its efficiency, is greatly influenced by a predictable legal and financial environment.

The recent situation caused by the COVID-19 virus has radically transformed the labour market: today, the home office is not an outstanding option on the part of the employer, but a basic expectation on the part of the employee – but most companies have not yet developed standard labour law practices within which a home office can operate properly. Despite the fact that this branch of labour law really came into the public consciousness during the epidemic situation, before that we gained extensive experience in the implementation and auditing of the home office in the company.

The services of our office in the field of labour law are the following:

Cooperation process​

quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively​


During the personal consultation, we review the matter of the facts, determine the remuneration and agree on the next steps. In case of a commission, the first consultation is always free!

Background work​

We draft the appropriate documents – such as work contracts, terminations, employer information or codex etc. – and get in touch with other employees, employers, attorneys, insurance companies or authorities.


Even from the beginning of the case, we represent our clients during the litigation or non-litigation processes.