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Inheritance law

Inheritance law


With the death of man, his/her inheritance as a whole passes to his/her heirs, which includes the testator’s wealth in the ordinary sense as assets, but also the debts accumulated in his life as passive. The heir cannot be disadvantaged by inheritance as he/she was before the heritage was opened, so the law, with certain exceptions, provides for the possibility of rejecting the inheritance, but it is worth noting that in this case the “all or nothing” principle applies: there is therefore no possibility for the heir to claim the property, but not the debt, if he/she rejects the inheritance because of the debt, he/she does not receive the property either. Surrender of part of the inheritance is possible only in the life of the testator, on the basis of a written contract concluded with him.

Inheritance could take place in two ways: if the testator had a will, the provisions of it shall be taken as a basis, failing which the rules of legal succession shall be applied.

Strict rules apply to the preparation of a will, so it is worth entrusting its preparation to an attorney, thus preventing the will from being declared invalid during the probate proceedings and the contents of it being considered null and void.

The services of our office in the field of inheritance law are the following:

Cooperation process

quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively​


During the personal consultation, we review the matter of the facts, determine the remuneration and agree on the next steps. In case of a commission, the first consultation is always free!

Background work​

We draft the appropriate documents – such as testaments of will, inheritance contracts etc. – and get in touch with notaries, attorneys or authorities.


Even from the beginning of the case, we represent our clients during the litigation or non-litigation processes.