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Areas of expertise

Criminal law

Criminal law


The guarantee of effective protection is if the person subject to the proceedings empowers a defence attorney in the first procedural act affecting him/her, since acting as a layman in tense, distressed moments can accumulate error – it is important to keep in mind that what is said before the authorities or the court can all be used in the procedure. It is therefore worthwhile to consult a defence attorney already during the investigation phase in order to develop the best possible defence strategy. Both the Basic Law of Hungary and the Hungarian Code of Criminal Procedure guarantee that persons subject to criminal proceedings have the right to an effective defence.

No two criminal cases are the same, therefore, no two criminal proceedings are the same: we examine each case individually, uncovering the facts and circumstances that could best facilitate effective criminal defence.

Our office undertakes legal representation in the field of criminal law, from the investigation period to the court period, and we also provide legal assistance to detainees in the execution of a custodial sentence.

Cooperation process

quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively


During the personal consultation, we review the suspicion or the crime that has been prosecuted, determine the remuneration and agree on the expected defense strategy. In case of a commission, the first consultation is always free!

Background work

We get acquainted with the details of the case and build the effective defense, as well as draft the appropriate documents.


Even from the beginning of investigation period, we represent our clients before the investigating authorities and courts.