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Areas of expertise

Compensation law

Compensation law


We can be harmed in countless areas of life, such as depreciation of assets, loss of profits, or personal injury. In such cases, compensation or grievance award may be claimed.

The court shall establish the liability of the injurious party if the following conditions are met:

In the case of a personal injury, it is sufficient to prove the fact of the infringement, in which case the injured party is entitled to damages.

Our office undertakes litigation and out-of-court representation in compensation matters in the following areas:

Cooperation process

quickly, efficiently, cost-effectively


During the personal consultation, we review the matter of the facts, determine the remuneration and agree on the next steps. In case of a commission, the first consultation is always free!

Background work

We draft the appropriate documents, and get in touch with other attorneys, offices, or courts.


Even from the beginning of the case, we represent our clients during litigation or non-litigation processes.