Areas of expertise

Dr. Andirkó Law Office is primarily interested in the areas below

Areas of expertise

If you need legal assistance in the following areas, feel free to contact us!

Real estates

Sale & purchase, gifting and rental contracts – Real estate development – Condominium cases

Startups & companies

Permanent legal representaion – Founding & modification of companies – Legal assistance

Economic and commercial law

Service & commission contracts – Businiess assistance – Partner agreements


General terms and conditions – Review documents - Consulting


Data management policy – Review documents - Consulting

Litigation & court representation

Drafting documents – Court representation – Settlement agreements

Labour law

Work contracts – Cases regarding termination – Labour legal cases

Family law

Divorce – Matrimonial property law – Alimony payments

Inheritance law

Testament of will – Heritage cases – Annuity contracts

Compensation law

Labour – Privacy rights - Indemnity

Copyright law

Violation and protection of copyrights – Trademark cases

Receivables management

Payment notice – Process of payment orders - Liquidation