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Dr. Balázs István Andirkó LL.M.

attorney-at-law, lawyer specialized in real estate and conveyancing law

I completed my legal studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Debrecen, where I was able to receive my degree in 2016. A few weeks after graduating from the university, I got a job as a trainee lawyer. During the trainee period, I focused on self-education, therefore, I continued my studies at the Faculty of Law of the University of Debrecen during the masters as well, and in 2019, I got my LL.M. (Master of Law) degree in real estate and conveyancing law. After passing my bar exams in 2020, I founded Dr. Andirkó Law Office and started my own law practice.

The ever-expanding client base typically consists of long-term and occasionally returning individuals and companies operating in different economic sectors.

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fast, complex, efficient and cost-effective legal solutions

The best marketing for me is when my clients, who honour me with their trust, return satisfied with their upcoming legal problems, therefore, my goal is to offer my clients fast, complex, efficient and cost-effective legal solutions. To be able to solve the assignments with the widest possible means, the office works in constant contact with a tax advisor and a real estate appraiser, as well as cooperates with other attorneys and law offices.

Even in two cities

Dr. Andirkó Law Office provides legal services primarily in Debrecen and Hajdúböszörmény, however, it undertakes assignments from all over the country, during which it assists the maximum interests of clients by providing legal advice, drafting documents and representing in litigation and non-litigation proceedings. You can read more about the expertise in the menu item above. In addition to the administration in Debrecen, personal client reception is also possible in Hajdúböszörmény.


Dr. Andirkó Law Office is located in the centre of Debrecen, a few minutes walk from the Debrecen District Court and the Court of Appeal Debrecen, on the newly built Nyugati boulevard (‘Nyugati kiskörút’) – address: ground floor 1., 36. Antall József street, H-4025 – where all the up-to-date technical equipment necessary for attorneys are available and where we can greet our existing and future clients in a pleasant, modern environment. There are parking places directly in front of the office with a large number of parking spaces.

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