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The possibility of countersigning remotely has previously been created by the Hungarian Act LXXVIII of 2017 on the professional activities of attorneys-at-law; however, its application is becoming more and more natural in everyday life as a result of the coronavirus epidemic.

In this case, our clients are not required to appear in person at the law office for the purpose of signing, the finalized contract will be sent to them via e-mail, therefore, they could even sign it from home during a Skype call. Naturally, the security of legal transactions is guaranteed even then: the law office carries out the obligatory identification and document control in accordance with the legal regulations, and it records and stores the video call.

The signed contracts should be sent to the law office by post or courier, after which they could be countersigned by an attorney.

Regardless of the epidemiological situation, remote countersigning could further provide a solution in cases where a trip from a more distant city to the law office or even from abroad to Hungary would take place for the sole purpose of concluding a contract.
The law office has all the technical conditions for remote countersigning, therefore we could guarantee our clients smooth administration in any situation.