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According to press reports, an amendment to the Hungarian Labour Code will soon be submitted to the Parliament, which will change the current regulations of home office, which is increasingly used due to the coronavirus epidemic.

According to the bill, the possibility of home office would become much more flexible than at present, as it would be a joint agreement between the employee and the employer on the days on which the employee could work from home.

The amendment would further allow the employer to contribute a tax-free overhead to the overhead costs under home office. The amount of the compensation could be 10% of the current minimum wage – which would currently mean HUF 16.000 – which the employee could use to pay water, gas, electricity and internet bills.

The employer should continue to provide the necessary equipment for working from home, such as computer equipment or a mobile phone, which shall meet the requirement of safe working, as it is also the employer’s responsibility to provide this. However, the employee is required to meet these requirements.

The final regulation, once adopted, will be described here on the site as well.